Tasty Bites Halal

We at Tastybiteshalal.com know that what we eat is who we are, and we all have different strategies for keeping it halal. For some of us, we stick to the vegetarian options and we know the places that have the best ones. For some of us, we can't live without our meat, and we've discovered the halal places that do a great job. Some of us have been eating at halal restaurants for years and we know which ones are worth driving out to, and which ones to just drive past.

Tastybiteshalal.com is where we pool all our knowledge to create the ultimate halal eating-out guide.

So go on, eat out and write in! Tell us where you've been eating, and what tasted sooo good. Don't forget to take a picture! We request you include atmosphere, pricing, food, and service in your review. Click on the 'blog with us' link above to become an author and share your thoughts!

Tasty Bites Halal Recipes

Sometimes, the best meals happen at home. Share pictures of your home creations, and send us a recipe! Your entertaining staples, late-night munchies, game-day food - all are welcome!

Together, we can make it easy for everyone to embrace a halal lifestyle!


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