Tika Boti Coming Soon

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Tika Boti Coming SoonI saw this flyer at Hira Halal Meat & Grocery. They told me that "Tika Boti" restaurant is supposed to open before Ramazan. I can't wait to review! It's close to my home and frankly I'm not sure there can ever be too many halal restaurants serving tika.

Competition between these type of restaurants is definitely intense, and they should be. Nothing irks me more than someone starting up a restaurant and assuming that people will come if the food is good. I've noticed this particularly among halal restaurants, as if there isn't another one for miles. Well, time to wake up and smell the coffee. They're popping up all over.

Of course food quality and taste are right up there at the top on reasons to go to a particular restaurant but let's not forget the whole dining experience. This is the restaurateurs chance to bring customers back and not head around the corner to the next halal establishment.

A restaurant with the right atmosphere conducive to an unhurried, comfortable social experience. A place to enjoy good food and conversation with family or friends. Tables spaced out so your not eavesdropping on your neighbor and a reasonable noise level. Music can have it's place in some restaurants but there's nothing worse than blaring music that really has nothing to do with the atmosphere of the restaurant. I was at a Mediterranean restaurant recently with rock music playing at a volume where we couldn't hear ourselves think! Thankfully, the owner was understanding and lowered the volume at our request.

Service is also a key issue. Friendly attentive staff who know the menu and what they're doing is such a pleasure in a restaurant. Success or failure in a restaurant often rides on the service alone.

I'm hoping that this new restaurant has owners who are passionate about their business and service. This along with a good food and authenticity will bring their customers coming back.


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