Jal - The Grille To Open or Not To Open

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Jal - The Grille, to open or not to open that is the question. I have been hearing about this place for awhile now. They seem very concerned with letting people now that they are a proud sponsor of a concert held in Houston. As for the restaurant they must be into some type of marketing technique, I would call it the "great build up"!

A lot of pretty words on their unfinished website, including "a menu that supports a healthy lifestyle as well as totally indulgent selections of heart-warming comfort food" and "mouth-watering Grille & BBQ food expedition." However, according to their facebook page they have run into some unexpected issues as of May 4th and will be announcing their grand opening date very shortly. Let's see if and when.  I hope they live up to the promises. It should be a welcome addition to the halal food scene in Sugar Land.


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