29 April 2013 Published in Texas

On a recommendation of a friend I visited Beyti's (Click here for her review), and I have to say I was impressed. Always on the search for the ultimate Halal burger, I heard they're pretty good here. They've only been open about 10 days so I hope the quality of the food remains. The burger was huge and cooked well, very American, no masala and very tasty. The fries were excellent. They have a huge buffet and shawarma and pizza and kababs and... well I won't go on. Needless to say the menu is pretty extensive. That always worries me really as I feel its hard to keep up quality with a huge menu but you never know. So far so good. I'll be visiting often as it's very close to my home, so I'll keep you updated.

I wasn't very impressed with the staff on this visit, definitely not very friendly but maybe it was a long day. Let's see what the next visit brings.

28 April 2013 Published in Texas

Beyti Buffet & Mediterranean Grill
3719 N. Fry Rd., Ste. P, Katy, TX 77449

I can’t believe I can actually crave burgers and have them within no time at all, now that a burger joint/ Mediteranean grill has recently opened its doors to Katy …right off of Fry Rd.

The restaurant may have been large and empty and had an essence of the Middle Eastern World, but they can make some real good cheeseburgers, and that’s good enough for me.

I found the service to be excellent…someone from the kitchen actually brought us a complimentary serving of bakhlavah as we waited for our takeout. The cashier was Pakistani and she was a real sweetheart.

The burgers were reasonably priced and though we didn’t ask for a combo they threw in some delicious hot crispy fries that were out of this world! So we were pleasantly surprised at the amount of food for the price we paid and service was great.

I actually had the philly cheese steak and was quite disappointed, but I had gone back a second time for more burgers and had told them what a true philly should be like. They took my criticism really well, and when I added an order of fries to my burgers ,they gave me a plate of fries on the house, even though I was more than willing to pay for them…

This place definitely gets a thumbs up from me .

27 April 2013 Published in Texas

Busy Boy Mediterranean Grill & Cafe

5722 Hillcroft Ave., Houston, TX 77036

It was nearing lunchtime on a Saturday when my Mom and I walked into Busy Boys located on Hillcroft Ave. in Houston with much anticipation, as neither of us had had a decent burger for at least five months. Seeing the vast array of choices on their menu, from American style burgers and Philly cheesesteaks to Mediterranean fare, our excitement only greatened.

But, nevertheless, the lure of finding the perfect halal burger got the best of us. I ordered the mushroom and swiss cheese burger and my Mom went for the good ol' American cheeseburger. The two men who were at the counter to take our order were friendly enough, and seemed amused as we told them about our quest for halal burgers. As we sat waiting for our order, we filled our drinks, and took a look around. There wasn't much to take in, it had a typical mom and pop shop feel to it, nothing fancy, just "we are what we are", but personally, if the food is good enough, then I don't think it makes much difference.

The food came in a reasonable amount of time, it might actually have seemed longer than it was because we were so excited about it. Looking at the size of my mushroom swiss burger accompanied by thick cut fries,I couldn't wait to dig in. I wasn't disappointed! It was delicious, and only got better as I slathered on the garlic sauce that they offer along with the normal ketchup and mustard. My mom looked equally excited about her burger and, having taken a bite out of hers, I could tell why. The burgers were juicy and truly unlike any fast food burger I had had before I turned "halal".

Overall, from that first experience, I would give Busy Boys a 9 out of 10. Service was good, and relatively fast. Friendly atmosphere, and GREAT food.


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