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E120 red food coloring is occasionally listed on food labels as carmine, cochineal or E120. Ok, now get ready for this. There are two principal forms of cochineal dye: cochineal extract which is a coloring made from raw dried and pulverized bodies of insects, and carmine is a more purified coloring made from cochineal.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest in its Chemical Cuisine: CSPI's Guide to Food Additives describes carmine/cochineal extract as follows:

"Cochineal extract is a coloring extracted from the eggs of the cochineal beetle, which lives on cactus plants in Peru, the Canary Islands, and elsewhere. Carmine is a more purified coloring made from cochineal.

"These colorings, which are extremely stable, are used in some red, pink, or purple candy, yogurt, Compari, ice cream, beverages, and many other foods, as well as drugs and cosmetics.

FDA guidelines suggest that if the presence of cochineal extract or carmine in food products is intended for human use that it must be declared prominently and conspicuously at least once in the labeling.

Honestly, the idea of eating something that is made from who knows how many insects being boiled, steamed, or roasted and whatever is enough to convince me to put that package down.

Bounty Paper Towels Halal

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I've considered myself a halal based consumer but I have to admit, I have not thought about an issue with paper towels. However, this is something I found on Muslim Consumer Group news.

Thanks for contacting Bounty, we appreciate your interest in the ingredient of our Bounty Paper Towel. There are no animal derived ingredients in our products. Here is a list of the ingredients and their functions: -- Processed Wood Pulp: Used to make paper from softwood trees (Pine & Spruce) and hardwood trees (Oak/Maple) -- Wet Strength Polymer: Added to increase strength during wet use. -- Printing Ink: Water based printing inks are used for decorative patterns only (no ink in white versions. -- Ceteareth-10: Surfactant – emulsifier Hope this is helpful. Thanks again for writing. Kerisha S. Bounty Team

So Bounty Paper Towel is Halal.

Verified by Muslim Consumer Group

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

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Muslim Consumer Group had written about hidden alcohol flavor is use of ethyl alcohol during the processing of Carrageenan. MCG called Baskin Robbins, an agent returned their call and confirmed.

1. Alcohol is used in flavors of Baskin Robbins Waffle Cones and Base Ball Nut Ice Cream.

2. No alcohol is used in the flavors of Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

3. No alcohol is used in Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream but it has Carrageenan.

For those interested please contact Baskin Robbins at 1-800-859-5339 for a complete list of alcohol free ice cream and use of isopropyl alcohol during the processing of Carrageenan.

Confirmed by Muslim Consumer Group

Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake

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Please read the ingredients before buy Sara Lee All Butter Pound Cake, if it contains Vanillin as a flavor this is safe to eat. Some store may still be carrying the old formula which contained Natural & Artificial flavor. Don't forget check your label.

Verified by Muslim Consumer Group

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