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29 April 2013 Published in Texas

On a recommendation of a friend I visited Beyti's (Click here for her review), and I have to say I was impressed. Always on the search for the ultimate Halal burger, I heard they're pretty good here. They've only been open about 10 days so I hope the quality of the food remains. The burger was huge and cooked well, very American, no masala and very tasty. The fries were excellent. They have a huge buffet and shawarma and pizza and kababs and... well I won't go on. Needless to say the menu is pretty extensive. That always worries me really as I feel its hard to keep up quality with a huge menu but you never know. So far so good. I'll be visiting often as it's very close to my home, so I'll keep you updated.

I wasn't very impressed with the staff on this visit, definitely not very friendly but maybe it was a long day. Let's see what the next visit brings.


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