Durrani's The Gourmet

27 April 2013 Published in Texas by Tasty Bites Halal

Durrani's The Gourmet

9621 Bissonnet St., Houston, TX 77036

Sorry to say, not gourmet all. From the radio ad boasting of halal steaks, we were ready to jump in the car and go over immediately to give this place a try. Unfortunately I received a negative review that is making it a little hard for me to make it over there.

The review from a friend who was also anxious to be served a quality halal steak and enjoy the luxury of being served. Unfortunately, her review was such that I am finding it hard to even go to make my own decision. Although in all fairness I will give it a try and make my own opinion. Her review was short but with attitude "The steak was nothing to talk about, atmosphere and service were also below standard", and last but not least "there was nothing gourmet about this place at all".

When I 'bite the bullet' and make a visit myself I'll update this review. If anyone out there has been to Durrani's and would like to post their own review please register and submit your review.

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